Friday, October 26, 2007

More info about the Mojave Natl Pres and RS 2477

Wow. This has been going on for quite some time and this is the first I've heard of it. Strange.

Highway Robbery

California Wilderness Coalition

California Wilderness Coalition

Using the Mojave National Preserve as a "freeway"??

Hmmm...I just stumbled across this item of interest (press release) while searching for news about the embattled Mojave Cross. More to follow after I do more research.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pirelli Diablo Strada

I think I'm done with the Diablo Strada sport touring tire from Pirelli. I love the feel and the feedback of these things. They transition from straight-away to sweeping turn effortlessly and feel stable at all speeds. The problem is that these things seem to provide no indication of how much life they have left. They continue to feel brand new until the belts start to show through. For the second time this year I've arrived in Las Vegas with a smoked rear tire. The first time caught me off guard so I kept an extra close eye on the last Diablo that I had. The day of my departure for LV I looked both tires over thoroughly and even had the owner of Desert Cycle Works take a good look. We both agreed that I could get 500 "hard miles" out it with some room to spare. Not the case at all. 185 miles later the center was starting to peel away. I babied it home a couple of days later (at the posted speed limit...yuck) and had DCW put a new tire on. That Pirelli was on the bike for a total of 5050 miles. This time I went with DCW's last remaining Avon Azaro (AV46). Avon stopped making the Azaro model that I liked so much, but DCW made me a smokin' deal on the last one. So for now, I'm an Avon guy again. Maybe I'll try Avon's new Storm model next time. Who knows?

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