Monday, November 3, 2008

2 WHeeL 12 - Special Thanks

It turns out that even a small rally requires quite a bit of work to put on, and I certainly didn't do it alone.  Special thanks to everyone who contributed to a successful event.

In no particular order:

Tasha, Assistant Rallymaster.  If not for Tasha, everything would have taken three times longer on the day of the event.

George, Rally volunteer and planning assistant.  George's expertise in planning an event like this was invaluable.  Many of the lessons he has learned as a rallymaster were used to make my rally better.  

Desert Cycle Works, official motorcycle shop of the 2 WHeeL 12.  DCW was working right up to the last minute to get tires and batteries for some of the participants and even offered a generous discount to rally riders.  Also, DCW graciously allowed us to use their parking lot for the start / finish and opened their building (after normal business hours) to allow the rally staff to complete the scoring in a nice quiet place (with electricity).  Thanks for all the support Dawn & Sandra, it helped tremendously.

Rocky's Pizza, official post rally food stop.  Thanks for letting us occupy the party room on a busy saturday night.   Thanks for the great pizza, too.

Jim, owner of The Hot Spot, in Big Bear.  Jim offered to provide his kick ass place as a bonus stop by handing out magnets and menus to any of the riders that visited his location.  (Oh, and you could bag just over 3000 points for going there, too).  Great food, great atmosphere.  Thanks Jim.

2 WHeeL 12 Update - Final Scores

The results of the 2008 2 WHeeL 12 Rally are as follows:

(Minimum points to be considered a finisher was 32,088)

1st Place:   DB2 & Dee 52,676 points
2nd Place: DB3  44,539 points
3rd Place:  Rob 34,651 points
4th Place:  Joe 33,519 points
DNF (points) PJ 31,983 points
DNF (points) Moe 12,828 points
DNF (time) Paul
DNF (time) John

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Everyone seemed to have a great time (even the DNFs were smiling).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 WHeeL 12 update - The finish opens

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it was a busy weekend as we wrapped up the 2 WHeeL 12 rally.  

The finish opened at Saturday 4:30pm at Desert Cycle Works.  Around 5pm the first participants arrived at the finish.  DB2 and Dee were in good spirits, even if a little alarmed that they were the first ones to arrive.  There was brief discussion of trying to bag another bonus, but that was dismissed fairly quickly.  They organized their things and the scoring commenced.  A few minutes later other riders began arriving.  

DB3 rolled in with plenty of time to spare.  He was all smiles having executed his route pretty close to the way he planned it.  

Rob made it back from his adventure well inside of the finishing window.   Rob was still visibly disappointed that there were no Hooters Restaurants on the bonus list.

Joe, having narrowly missed the looming rain storm to the west, arrived on his Vulcan after introducing it to more curves than in one day than it had previously seen during its entire existence.  He declared that this was the best ride of his life and it seemed that he couldn't stop smiling.

Moe (Chrome) arrived at the finish with several minutes to go.  He had been riding most of the day with John (Ape Hanger) but upon returning to the finish he was alone.  He explained that somewhere in Arizona he realized that they were not going to make it back in time at Ape Hanger's pace and therefore twisted the throttle and watch those ape hangers disappear behind him.

At 5:55pm, the assistant Rallymaster, Tasha, received a phone call from Paul.  Paul, aboard a Suzuki V-Strom 650, had bitten off one of the more ambitious routes in terms of mileage.  Not knowing for sure how well the Wee-Strom's fuel economy would fit into his plan, Paul became the but of several jokes about his "auxiliary fuel cell".  He left the start with a small red gas can strapped to his passenger seat.  Having completed all but the last 60 miles without the need for that can, he gladly handed it over to the two ladies (and their young children) that were stranded at Kelbaker Rd and I-40.  They were out of gas, Paul had gas enough in his take for the return to 29 Palms, so he gave them his fuel can and went on his way.  Well, perhaps it was wind, perhaps it was too much right wrist, perhaps it was poor math skills, but it turns out that Paul didn't have as much fuel as he needed to make it back.  He ran out of gas approximately 1 mile from the finish with less than five minutes remaining.  He managed to push it to a gas station, splash some fuel into the Wee-Strom, and arrive at the finish...4 minutes late.  Time barred.  DNF.   Sorry Paul.  No good deed goes unpunished.

As we got down the the final couple of minutes I assumed that all of the finishers were already in front of me.  According to Moe, Ape Hanger wasn't going to make it.  I had received a text message from PJ (aboard his Kawi ZX-6) over an hour prior to the close of the finish telling me that he'd be 30 minutes late.  

Or would he?

With just under two minutes to go, the sound of a small sport bike became audible just down the road from DCW.  Could it be?  It's silver.  It's headed this way.   WOW!  PJ has arrived with just over one minute remaining.  He made it back in time.

Ape Hanger (John) didn't make it back in time.  He arrived safely, but well after the close of the finish. DNF.

Scores and finishing positions to be posted next time...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

2 WHeeL 12 update - Rain?

Just seconds after DB3 departed the Volcano checkpoint I got a text message from rider #4.  Joe was leaving the San Bernardino area and heading into the mountains near Crestline, Skyforest, and Lake Arrowhead.  He said "Gonna get rained on!"

Good luck w/ the rain, Joe.

2 WHeeL 12 update - Volcano Checkpoint

When I rolled up to the Volcano Checkpoint just minutes before the 1:30pm opening time, DB(Rider #2) was kicked back on a picnic table shooting the BS w/ GZ (GZ arrived just before I did).  DB3 had made better time than he expected and took the opportunity to fuel up in nearby Amboy and take a few minutes to look over his remaining bonii.  I signed his checkpoint paperwork right at 1:30pm and he headed off for the Mojave National Preserve and Wee Thump checkpoints.

2 WHeeL 12 - Rider update

I got a text from rider #2 (DB3) at 12:48 PM.  I was en route to the Volcano Checkpoint and didn't get the text right away.  His text said "Lunch stop in Amboyeeee!" and that he was a bit early for the checkpoint. 

2 WHeeL 12 update - Call-in Checkpoint

The window for the call-in checkpoint has closed.

The following riders called in:

Last Bonus: Hope AZ
Current Location: Gillespie Dam
Next bonus: Chiaco Summit

Last Bonus : Hope AZ
Current location: Glamis Beach Store
Next bonus: Aqua Caliente Air strip

Last bonus: Pine Cove Market
Current location: Cabazon, CA
Next bonus: Chaparral Motorsports

Last bonus: Box Canyon
Current location: Cottonwood Spring Rd
Next bonus: Sugarloaf Cafe

Last bonus: Parker Dam
Current Location: Hope AZ
Next bonus: Gillespie Dam

Last bonus: Opera House Saloon, North Las Vegas
Current Location: Pine Valley UT
Next bonus: Hangman

Last bonus: Parker Dam
Current Location: Hope AZ
Next bonus: Gillespie Dam

2 WHeeL 12 - Rider Update

Just got a text from rider # 2 (DB3).  He's fueling in Chiraco Summit. He has bagged Pioneertown, nearly every aspect of the JT National Park and the General.  He's now headed west and north (I think).

2 WHeeL 12 rider update

DB2 and Dee (collectively known as Rider #1) just dropped me a text message letting me know that they had already bagged the bonii at Iron Mountain Pump Plant, Vidal Junction, and Parker Dam.  They were on schedule and fueling in Parker AZ at the time of the text.

2 WHeeL 12 - Gas stops so early?

Turns out that I was wrong about Ape Hanger and Chrome traveling north on Adobe Rd. shortly after the start of the rally. How do I know this? Shortly after my previous post we wrapped up everything at the start and the four of us traveled caravan style over to a local greasy spoon cafe for some gravy covered omelettes. Well, on the way to the cafe I noticed two Milwaukee types at a local gas station. Guess who? Yep, it was Ape Hanger and Chrome. At just after 6:30 they were prepping to leave their first gas stop...nearly 1/4 mile from the start of the rally. Good luck fellas.

The next interaction that I am likely to have is during the one hour call in checkpoint between 11am and Noon (PDT). Of the two available checkpoints most riders have chosen the call-in option. Then, at noon Tasha, GZ, and I will be heading to the physical checkpoint near Amboy, CA.

The weather is perfect (a bit of a chill in the air now that the sun is up) and it should be a great day to rally.

2 WHeeL 12 Start

I'm posting from the parking lot of Desert Cycle Works. Most of the riders have left the start. The last two (nicknames "Ape Hanger" and "Chrome") are revving up their noise makers right now. I can barely type due to the fumes and noise.

One rider has chosen Utah, a few are opting for a route that includes points in Arizona, and yet another is heading for both Arizona and Carlsbad, CA. Joe has built a cool route that includes the Rim Of The World Highway which includes points in Big Bear, Skyforest, and Silverwood.

Everyone was here on time, everyone showed up and they're all fired up.

Funny note. As the staff and I sit here (Me, Tasha, GZ, and Tony), we can still hear the last two riders to depart motoring around town. We think they just left the gas station and now they're heading north past the start/finish. This should be fun.

Minimum finishing points are 32,088.

More later.

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