Saturday, November 1, 2008

2 WHeeL 12 Start

I'm posting from the parking lot of Desert Cycle Works. Most of the riders have left the start. The last two (nicknames "Ape Hanger" and "Chrome") are revving up their noise makers right now. I can barely type due to the fumes and noise.

One rider has chosen Utah, a few are opting for a route that includes points in Arizona, and yet another is heading for both Arizona and Carlsbad, CA. Joe has built a cool route that includes the Rim Of The World Highway which includes points in Big Bear, Skyforest, and Silverwood.

Everyone was here on time, everyone showed up and they're all fired up.

Funny note. As the staff and I sit here (Me, Tasha, GZ, and Tony), we can still hear the last two riders to depart motoring around town. We think they just left the gas station and now they're heading north past the start/finish. This should be fun.

Minimum finishing points are 32,088.

More later.

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