Monday, November 3, 2008

2 WHeeL 12 - Special Thanks

It turns out that even a small rally requires quite a bit of work to put on, and I certainly didn't do it alone.  Special thanks to everyone who contributed to a successful event.

In no particular order:

Tasha, Assistant Rallymaster.  If not for Tasha, everything would have taken three times longer on the day of the event.

George, Rally volunteer and planning assistant.  George's expertise in planning an event like this was invaluable.  Many of the lessons he has learned as a rallymaster were used to make my rally better.  

Desert Cycle Works, official motorcycle shop of the 2 WHeeL 12.  DCW was working right up to the last minute to get tires and batteries for some of the participants and even offered a generous discount to rally riders.  Also, DCW graciously allowed us to use their parking lot for the start / finish and opened their building (after normal business hours) to allow the rally staff to complete the scoring in a nice quiet place (with electricity).  Thanks for all the support Dawn & Sandra, it helped tremendously.

Rocky's Pizza, official post rally food stop.  Thanks for letting us occupy the party room on a busy saturday night.   Thanks for the great pizza, too.

Jim, owner of The Hot Spot, in Big Bear.  Jim offered to provide his kick ass place as a bonus stop by handing out magnets and menus to any of the riders that visited his location.  (Oh, and you could bag just over 3000 points for going there, too).  Great food, great atmosphere.  Thanks Jim.

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