Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 WHeeL 12 update - The finish opens

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it was a busy weekend as we wrapped up the 2 WHeeL 12 rally.  

The finish opened at Saturday 4:30pm at Desert Cycle Works.  Around 5pm the first participants arrived at the finish.  DB2 and Dee were in good spirits, even if a little alarmed that they were the first ones to arrive.  There was brief discussion of trying to bag another bonus, but that was dismissed fairly quickly.  They organized their things and the scoring commenced.  A few minutes later other riders began arriving.  

DB3 rolled in with plenty of time to spare.  He was all smiles having executed his route pretty close to the way he planned it.  

Rob made it back from his adventure well inside of the finishing window.   Rob was still visibly disappointed that there were no Hooters Restaurants on the bonus list.

Joe, having narrowly missed the looming rain storm to the west, arrived on his Vulcan after introducing it to more curves than in one day than it had previously seen during its entire existence.  He declared that this was the best ride of his life and it seemed that he couldn't stop smiling.

Moe (Chrome) arrived at the finish with several minutes to go.  He had been riding most of the day with John (Ape Hanger) but upon returning to the finish he was alone.  He explained that somewhere in Arizona he realized that they were not going to make it back in time at Ape Hanger's pace and therefore twisted the throttle and watch those ape hangers disappear behind him.

At 5:55pm, the assistant Rallymaster, Tasha, received a phone call from Paul.  Paul, aboard a Suzuki V-Strom 650, had bitten off one of the more ambitious routes in terms of mileage.  Not knowing for sure how well the Wee-Strom's fuel economy would fit into his plan, Paul became the but of several jokes about his "auxiliary fuel cell".  He left the start with a small red gas can strapped to his passenger seat.  Having completed all but the last 60 miles without the need for that can, he gladly handed it over to the two ladies (and their young children) that were stranded at Kelbaker Rd and I-40.  They were out of gas, Paul had gas enough in his take for the return to 29 Palms, so he gave them his fuel can and went on his way.  Well, perhaps it was wind, perhaps it was too much right wrist, perhaps it was poor math skills, but it turns out that Paul didn't have as much fuel as he needed to make it back.  He ran out of gas approximately 1 mile from the finish with less than five minutes remaining.  He managed to push it to a gas station, splash some fuel into the Wee-Strom, and arrive at the finish...4 minutes late.  Time barred.  DNF.   Sorry Paul.  No good deed goes unpunished.

As we got down the the final couple of minutes I assumed that all of the finishers were already in front of me.  According to Moe, Ape Hanger wasn't going to make it.  I had received a text message from PJ (aboard his Kawi ZX-6) over an hour prior to the close of the finish telling me that he'd be 30 minutes late.  

Or would he?

With just under two minutes to go, the sound of a small sport bike became audible just down the road from DCW.  Could it be?  It's silver.  It's headed this way.   WOW!  PJ has arrived with just over one minute remaining.  He made it back in time.

Ape Hanger (John) didn't make it back in time.  He arrived safely, but well after the close of the finish. DNF.

Scores and finishing positions to be posted next time...

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