Monday, November 3, 2008

2 WHeeL 12 Update - Final Scores

The results of the 2008 2 WHeeL 12 Rally are as follows:

(Minimum points to be considered a finisher was 32,088)

1st Place:   DB2 & Dee 52,676 points
2nd Place: DB3  44,539 points
3rd Place:  Rob 34,651 points
4th Place:  Joe 33,519 points
DNF (points) PJ 31,983 points
DNF (points) Moe 12,828 points
DNF (time) Paul
DNF (time) John

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Everyone seemed to have a great time (even the DNFs were smiling).


Rider team #1 said...

Thank you for an awesome ride yesterday! The weather was perfect (ok, you didn’t have anything to do with that-I don’t think..) and the bonus objects were really interesting and in beautiful locations (great choices!). My two favorite things are motorcycle riding and competition – you gave us both with just enough rules to make it interesting. I would live on a bike if I could and my only request/excuse for a ride is to “take me somewhere I’ve never been”. This ride fulfilled that criterion and then some. Thanks for all the time, talent, effort and money you put into the 2008 2WHeeL12. Sign us up for the next one!!


Joe said...

Can't believe the amount of fun I had in this event. I was skeptical at best the night before, and after changing routes several times, that I would even finish. The effort that you put into 2Wheel12 is unbelieveable and has not gone un-noticed. This experience is one that I will not soon forget and I can't wait to do it all again. Thanks again for the invite! By the way, I'd like to declare my bonus combo's...

Rob said...

Great job on the rally....I had an absolute blast!!! This ride took me to some locations that I have never been before.....beautiful!
And so you know....I sacrificed my Hooters visit to make sure that a had enough points to finish.... :( Next year!!! And yes...a Harley made the podium!!!

PJ said...

Most fun I've ever had on two wheels. I finally had a legitemate reason to ride my bike all over SoCal. There were places that I wouldn't have known about had I not participated in the Rally. Thanks for all the work you did to set up this Rally. Even though I DNF I still finished within the time limit, while traveling at Rally Nominal speed. Gotta love sport bikes. Riding 633 miles and finishing that's all I needed to do.

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