Monday, June 18, 2007

Mojave Cross exposed (for now)

Within the boundaries of what is now the Mojave National Preserve there is a monument to those who lost their lives during World War I. This simple cross was erected by Veterans of Foreign Wars and has been in place (in one form or another) for over 70 years. For the past few years a battle has been brewing between the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California and supporters of what is known as the Mojave Cross.
In one chapter of this battle the National Park Service was required to cover the cross pending the outcome of the lawsuit. For the past couple of years it has been covered by a plain looking wooden box. I drive through the Mojave National Preserve quite often and I enjoy taking pictures of anything that seems interesting to me at the time (even if I later wonder why I found it interesting). This morning I was surprised to see that someone has removed the box covering the Mojave Cross. It is my understanding that this happens from time to time...presumably at the hands of the Cross' supporters.

I was lucky enough to have my camera and snapped a couple of pictures.

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