Friday, May 8, 2009

FJR Maintenance time

Last night was the beginning of my major maintenance cycle for the FJR. The first few steps were just baby steps, with more to come next week. Last night Desert Cycle Works spooned on a new Dunlop Roadsmart rear tire, changed the final drive oil, and cleaned & oiled my K&N air filter. Next week we'll tackle (and hopefully document with photos) the following items:

Check / adjust valves
Replace valve cover gasket
Replace spark plugs
Replace cam chain
Replace cam chain tensioner & gasket
Replace cam chain cover gasket
Lube steering head bearings
Replace fork seals/bushings & fork oil
Rebuild Wilbers rear shock
Reinstall Wilbers rear shock
Replace engine oil & filter
Flush and replace coolant

And whatever else I've forgotten about...

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