Monday, July 12, 2010

Amboy Crater - Spring Break Hike

The argument could be made that this post should have been titled Better Late than Never, primarily due to the amount of time it has taken me to share it.  Nonetheless, some things are timeless.  Let's hope this is one of them.

When my son visited during his spring break there were only a couple of things he wanted to do.  One of those things was to climb Amboy Crater.  Climbing an actual volcanic crater does seem like the kind of adventure worthy of sharing with your 13 year old classmates upon return to school, so we made it happen.  As luck would have it, our chosen April day was one which had 60mph winds and was just overall crappy.  So we delayed our hike a day and were rewarded with a near perfect, if a bit breezy, day.  The date of the hike (and the following photos) was April 6, 2010.  There are plenty of places on the 'net to find information about the crater, so rather than ramble on, just check out our pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our hike.  

It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day

The wildflowers were in bloom

A little out of was quite windy and this little fella just wouldn't hold still.

Climbing into the crater from the southwest side.

At the top looking in the general direction of Amboy (note the other hikers on the trail below just over his left shoulder).

Falling?  Not quite.

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