Friday, July 31, 2009

I may never buy another restaurant steak

We dined at the Main Street Brewery and this evening (Cortez CO). The food was mediocre. The salad was GREAT. Real crumbles of blue cheese and very fresh ingredients. But that's where the "good" stopped and the "not so good" began. My porterhouse steak was slightly overcooked and slightly under-quality. I mean, I DO make a pretty kick-ass steak at home and the bar is pretty high, but PLEASE. For the money I paid (I won't even tell you how much...I'm embarrassed) I should have had the best steak EVER! I did not. Oh, the Pale Ale was good. The IPA, OK. Dammit.

Anyone who knows how I travel knows I have two requirements for a town to qualify as an overnighter. Beer and steak. I got one tonight.

Off to the pool so Nick can swim (that's his only requirement for an overnigher).

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