Friday, July 31, 2009

Cortez is THE place to be

So, as I sit here outside our hotel room right on Main St in downtown Cortez, CO, I have learned something. It seems that Main St is the local cruise corridor. Across the street from our room is a grocery store called City Market. City Market attracts the young folk of Cortez. There are plenty of kids hangin out in the parkin lot over there. We witnessed some shopping cart races, some "Frogger" style jay-walking, and plenty of "who has the biggest truck" or "who has the loudest car" contests. It's really very entertaining.

(Attention FJR riders: This place would be grand for next year's WFO gathering.)

Anyway, this place is fun. Nick and I are having a great time poking fun of the crowd that makes up this little town. I love our time together and tonight is better than most.

Signing off from the cruisin' town of Cortez....

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