Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day THREE complete

Sitting poolside and another Best Western. Yeah, I got some reward points this week. We're in Moab Utah. The weather isn't quite as nice as Cortez was, but still nothing to complain about. We had dinner at a place within walking distance called "The Slickrock Cafe". I had a mushroom Swiss burger, salad w/ blue cheese, and a couple of beers. Good stuff. Nick had a BLT. He seems to dig those. Tonight's meal was less than half the price of last night's pile of crap and much better. I am now enjoying one of the Dale's Pale Ales that I imported from Colorado. The state run liquor store was closed by the time we got done eating, so no local purchases tonight. Geez, tomorrow is another night in Utah, too. What was I thinking? This place is very beer-challenged.

Today was a pretty brutal day in terms of riding. Lots of twisty roads, some pretty cold temps early, and some pretty hot temps towards the end of the day. We,re beat. Tomorrow is an easy day in comparison (no accident...this isn't the first multi-day ride I've planned). We'll be staying in the tiny town of Torrey UT tomorrow night. Beautiful place, but not much else.

Nick is now playing Marco Polo with the herd of kids in the pool. He seems to be having fun. That,s what it,s all about.

Signing off for now...

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